Critical Edge Defense Solutions offers a spectrum of courses, including training in firearms and edged weapons, unarmed defensive and combative techniques, law enforcement and military low-light tactics, and tactical/protective driving. Our Integrated Combat System makes it easy to customize a course to fit any client or mission profile. We can provide training at our southern California sites, our Colorado location or at your location, subject to appropriate local facilities. See our complete course list, which links to individual course descriptions.

Critical Edge Defense Solutions is committed to developing highly effective training programs to meet the needs of military and law enforcement personnel. We are determined to remain at the cutting edge of tactical training, and constantly update, improve, and validate our methods with force-on-force testing and input from instructors and professionals who have prevailed in altercations and lethal-force encounters in the field. From these sources we have defined simple principles and techniques that can be easily learned and taught to others.

Carbine Advanced Carbine
General Carbine
Home Defense Carbine
Low Light Carbine
Tactical Carbine Skills
Tactical Advanced Edged Weapons
Advanced Low Light Instructor Operator II
Automatic Weapons
Automatic Weapons - Mixed
Automatic Weapons Foreign
Automatic Weapons NATO
Continuing Solutions to Edged Weapons
Edged Weapons
Foreign Weapons
Improvised Weapons
Low Light Instructor Operator I
Low-Light Tactics
Low-Light Tactics 1-Day Course
Murphy's Special 3 Gun
Night Operator
Protective Agent
Shoothouse Operator
Tactical Medical
Pistol Advanced Pistol
General Handgun
General Handgun and BBQ
Home Defense Pistol
Home Defense Women's Pistol
Ladies Pistol and Self Defense Awareness
Low-Light Pistol
Protective Agent Training - Handgun
Tactical Handgun Skills
Women's Pistol
Rifle Advanced Rifle
AK-47/74 Operator
General Rifle
Shotgun Advanced Shotgun
General Shotgun
Home Defense Shotgun
Tactical Shotgun Skills
N.R.A. NRA Carbine Instructor Certification
NRA Pistol Instructor Certification
NRA Shotgun Instructor Certification

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